Friday, May 17, 2013

ClassikMussik releases new single 'Faded'

The Los Angeles musician known as ClassikMussik has released his newest and most widely anticipated single, titled, “Faded,” to broad fan and critical acclaim. The track is an urban anthem in the pop, rhythm 'n' blues style that is all his own. It features ClassikMussik's characteristic orchestration and soul-inspired crooning, as well as truly gorgeous studio production. ClassikMussik has released this early single in preparation for his upcoming full-length LP record, the date of which release has not yet been officially announced.

ClassikMussik's “Faded” is a smooth, cool track that listens easy and sounds mellow to the ear. His impressive vocal range and tasteful phrasing makes for classy, jazzy R 'n' B. His songwriting is spectacular, particularly in his restraint. Classik is never guilty of showboating or oversouling, though he is clearly capable of singing anything he likes. The result is a blue, chill sound that evokes images of cufflinks and neckties, martinis in unknown LA nightclubs, and women in black velvet dresses.

A bold, polite, and intelligent man, Classik writes openly of his youth in Texas.

“As a quiet kid,” he says, “hidden talent was more like it. It took a while for family and friends to know I could sing. Once discovered, I was singing in choirs at church, family gatherings, school plays, since about six years old. I wrote my first song when I was six as well, titled 'TWO,' and I been singing and writing every since.”

He also comments candidly about his forthcoming LP release with regard to its themes and narrative, which are also partly reflected in the single, “Faded.”

“Once released, I think people will understand that, coming from were I come from, seeing what I’ve seen, and knowing the odds against me, I kept creating my music and sharing my life on every track. So my message to the listener is, 'Experience life. If you are an artist, live to create until you can create to live.”

“Faded” by ClassikMussik is available online worldwide beginning spring 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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