Monday, May 13, 2013

Musician Omar Veluz releases new single 'Fantasy'

The singer and songwriter known as Omar Veluz has released the first single, “Fantasy,” from his upcoming full-length LP record. The track is a crossroads of many cultures, sounds and styles, producing a melange of sound that is sexy, fun, packed with groove, and entirely danceable. It is a standout composition and recording from one of today's most promising young pop stars.

The sound of “Fantasy” is part Prince, part Nine Inch Nails, part George Michael, and even part U2. This will be difficult for most music fans to imagine, which is apropos because the song is best experienced firsthand. Its vivacious energy is infectious and infinite. Every portion of the performance – from Veluz's brilliant, beautiful singing to the gorgeous, funky guitar work and darkly entrancing digital instrumentation – is phenomenal, easily as excellent as the best work heard on the Friday-night dance floor.

Still, “Fantasy” is certain to turn heads not for its musical quality, which is sky high, but for its unabashed, brazenly open sexual themes. Not unlike Trent Reznor's breakthrough single, “Animal,” which featured the infamous chorus, “I want to f--- you like an animal,” “Fantasy” by Omar Veluz will shock and appall closed-minded listeners, and surely every person with homophobic tendencies within earshot. This is the loss of said persons, however, for the song is clearly very, very good, and besides, its creator has more in mind than mere stardom.

Veluz writes of his artistic goal with “Fantasy,” “The intent, beyond shock value, is to demonstrate and challenge the audience to listen, love, digest, and accept unconditionally. At what point do we want more, just to have more, and at what point are we at a stand-still, content place? 'Fantasy' takes you on that journey.”

He has also stated that his art is directed by the desire to “begin creating a message where the separation between what is one way, versus the other way, doesn’t matter. Where we no longer walk along paths to get where we want, but begin to demonstrate that we, as evolved spirits, are able to soar.”

“Fantasy” by Omar Veluz is available online worldwide beginning spring 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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