Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Rapper Jl releases new single, 'Number One'

The rap artist known as Jl has released his latest hip hop single, titled, “Number One.” The track is a rap anthem suitable for any listening situation, be it dance floors, long drives, or casual listening. It represents a powerful introduction for many music fans to this up and coming rap star, and signifies that Jl's move toward the top is now officially in fast forward motion. His rhymes are quick, his lines are tough, and his beats are solid enough to bust a hole in the side of an oil tanker. “Number One” is released on Blachawk Records, and promises to be the first in a long line of excellent Jl releases.

Jl is a musician from the East Coast of the United States, originally from Plainfield, New Jersey. He is currently residing and recording music in the Washington, DC area, which in the hip-hop music scene is often referred to as the DMV (District-Maryland-Virginia). His notorious charisma is matched, ironically, by a streak of humility that sets him apart from other rappers. It is this humility, at least in part, that has formed a basis for the track, “Number One.”

At its heart, “Number One” is a song intended for the support of people at large. It is a rallying battle cry from Jl to his listeners that says the future is in their hands.

My message,” Jl writes, “is to tell people that everybody is a star. Never let anybody tell you what you can't do.”

In addition to writing and performing music, Jl is also an accomplished audio engineer. He turned to performing his rap with more seriousness after a highly successful live show. He says that support from his family, friends, and fans has been overwhelming. His goal with “Number One” is to give some of that support back to the public.

My vision is inspire people with this song,” he says.

Number One” by Jl is available online everywhere beginning spring, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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