Monday, May 6, 2013

Music duo JoyFocus releases new official single 'Love Song Cliche'

The musical duo known as JoyFocus has released their newest official single track, titled, “Love Song Cliché,” to the delight of JF fans everywhere. It is the most recent release from JoyFocus since their 2011 LP, “Cyber Suburban Electro Rock Circus,” which debut full-length offering garnered a rare 9.8/10 from hard-to-please, indie rock critic C.W. Ross of the popular music review site, The new single, like everything else published by JoyFocus, is incomparable to music by artists of any other genre, and must be directly experienced to be roundly understood.

Their official website contains a bio that reads: “JoyFocus has notched out a unique, yet identifiable sound that continues to set them apart in the current sea of 'me too' musical acts.”

This descriptive line could not be better phrased. Having likely been penned by JoyFocus' lead songwriter and instrumentalist, Rikk Currence, it stands as a fine example of the kind of succinctly appropriate writing one can always expect from JF both musically and lyrically.

Coming to the globe on the Atomic Monster Productions music label, “Love Song Cliche” begins with an unlikely piano plinking. This leads into a chugging guitar and the stylish, pretty-yet-aggressive singing of lead chanteuse, Holly Joy. The sheer spaciousness of the track is gorgeous. As Joy sings the verses, one gets the impression that one could climb inside the song and move around easily without colliding with anything. That is, of course, before the chorus tumbles down like a tidal wave of perfectly performed, beautifully noisy music.

This second face of JoyFocus is reminiscent of Phil Specter's famous “wall of sound” production. Guitars, keys, drums, vocals, all are entwined in a perfect braid (partially a barbed-wire braid) that hits at precise moments without ever sounding contrived or overworked, overwrought or overproduced. The song – once again like all of JoyFocus' music to date – sounds magically live and studio-recorded at the same time.

Thematically speaking, the song is a love song about love songs, as well as a love song about love. It is plainly spoken, yet remarkably philosophical for all that.

“Love Song Cliché,” writes the band, “is exactly what you’d hope it to be: a musical reminder of how what we listen to shapes both our views and attitudes of what we think love is – and more importantly, how we choose to act upon it (love).”
”Love Song Cliche” is also the first in a broad collection of singles to be released by the band over the next year or so, culminating with their upcoming LP, titled, ”Semi Retro Multi Soul Rebellion.”

God bless them for it, and let it come soon.

“Love Song Cliche” is available online worldwide beginning spring of 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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