Thursday, May 16, 2013

Electronica band Fatmagic releases new LP 'Connecting Worlds'

The groundbreaking electronica band known as Fatmagic has released their newest LP album, titled, “Connecting Worlds.” The record is a followup to their 2010 LP, “Connecting Continents.” Eight versions of their popular single, “Get Down,” were also released in the interim of 2011. “Connecting Worlds” represents Fatmagic's most significant official release to date, in terms of both creative output and studio production, and signifies Fatmagic's return to the mainstream's public eye with a new, highly polished and extremely innovative sound.

The tone of “Connecting Worlds” is not easily pigeonholed or categorized. It has a lighthearted, dance hall feel, tempered with a European house music mood and style. Fatmagic's inclusion of many unlikely and fascinating instruments results in an unexpected sound that even the most jaded music fan will admit is new to their ears. Grounded in the duo of Radina Tara Vel on vocals and electric cello, and Madmax providing electric violin and digital arrangements, “Connecting Worlds” also has disco-style bass, keyboards, and perhaps most surprisingly, a widespread presence of live drums as well as electric percussion provided by Christian Schmid, who frequently tours with Fatmagic in Europe.

Fatmagic was founded in 2009 by Austrian-born Markus “Madmax” Fahrenberger, and Radina Veliova, or Radina Tara Vel, of Bulgaria. They were the winners of the Hollywood Music in Media Award in 2011, and were nominated for several awards in 2012. Extremely dedicated artists, they performed an average of five nights each week following the release of their “Connecting Continents” LP, and have garnered a loyal fan following.

“Connecting Worlds,” which also features the expert work of studio engineers Warren Huart (Aerosmith, Korn, James Blunt) and Evren Goknar of Capitol Records (Red Hot Chili Peppers, R.E.M), was funded entirely by Fatmagic fans, who pledged a gigantic $10,500 at KickStarter to see the LP realized. The average Fatmagic supporter pledged over $100, proving once and for all that Fatmagic is no flash in the pan musical group, but one which is growing in popularity at an unaccountable rate.

“Connecting Worlds” by Fatmagic is available online worldwide beginning spring 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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