Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hazel Holiday releases new single 'Hollywood Feat. Lil D'

The young singer and songwriter of pop music known as Hazel Holiday has released her newest single track, titled, “Hollywood Feat. Lil' D” on Tommy’s Black Label Records. The song is a jovial, upbeat, sleek and stylish pop track in the same catchy tradition of female pop stars originally made famous by women like Madonna and Mariah Carey. Hazel Holiday's own sound is her own, however, with a sharp, excellent voice and a shadowy, dusky undertone that belies her remarkable youth. The up-and-coming performer is only 14 years old.

This youth would not be heard or known if it were not spoken of, as her music does not sound one whit below the excellence of today's top performers and producers. In addition to singing, she is capable of playing guitar and keyboard. Her writing is ingenious, her singing picture perfect, and her themes do not reflect the shallow, insipid sort of fodder other young singers have filled their music with in the past. In fact, the topics explored in “Hollywood...” are rather mature.

“My single is just an expression of a feeling, you know?” writes the chanteuse, herself. “The one you get when you get that high score in a game, or do something awesome that means something to you, but you just can't explain it? Well, I just put it to a concept that I felt to be universal in its message, and as far as the album goes, I’m still working out all of my emotions…” In closing, Hazel Holiday lets her junior status show through, just a little. “LOL,” she writes, “after all I’m only 14…”

Hazel Holiday's debut single, “Hollywood Feat. Lil' D,” is available online worldwide beginning spring 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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