Wednesday, May 8, 2013

R 'n' B singer-songwriter Joey Mannarino releases new LP 'Dreams of Reality'

The Philadelphia singer-songwriter of R 'n' B known as Joey Mannarino has released his second studio album, titled, “Dreams of Reality.” The record is a comprehensive collection of the singer's most recent work, and includes 15 tracks for a total (indeed, a grand total) of 66 minutes' worth of classy, bluesy, jazzy rhythm 'n' blues.

The album is Mannarino's sophomore release, and as such shows a deeper complexity and somewhat broader musical variety than his debut LP, “Something Real,” which was published in 2010. For listeners who are already Joey Mannarino fans,“Dreams of Reality” works as a beautiful extension of the remarkable talents showcased in “Something Real,” but serves just as well as an introduction to his music for newcomers to the Mannarino sound.

“Dreams of Reality” is true R 'n' B in the towering style of soul singers such as Keith Sweat and Mary J. Blige. There are strong undercurrents of the growing subgenre of neo-soul on Mannarino's latest offering, too. This sound is most present in “Back To Love” and “Wherever You Are” (Tracks 2 and 8) which songs will perhaps prove to be the record's standout official singles.

Mannarino also hosts a clutch of guest performers this time around, including unsung Maryland rapper Binkie Reaves, sultry chanteuse Von Tae, and Criticize the Great, one of today's most evocative urban poets. This is unsurprising, considering that Mannarino has himself been welcomed to the R 'n' B stage as a musical guest by legendary singers like Patti LaBelle on at least 10 separate occasions (a video of him singing “Lady Marmalade” with LaBelle is presently available for viewing on YouTube).

Mannarino speaks of his lofty goals with obvious respect for the art and rich tradition of R 'n' B.

“['Dreams of Reality]' shares so many different pieces of me,” he writes. “By the end of the album I want the listeners to feel as though they know me on a deeper basis. You can see in this album that while I’m all about staying true to me, I find it so important to keep R 'n' B close to what it is supposed to be, also.”

The proverbial elephant in the living room regarding Joey Mannarino, one would be remiss to ignore, is his unlikely participation in today's R 'n' B culture, which continues to have a mainly Afro-American constituency.

“I don’t do what people think I would be doing,” Mannarino says. “I’m not out there singing country or pop records. I’m doing R 'n' B because that is where my heart and soul is. People who hear my music are shocked when they find out I’m white. Music sees no color and sees no boundary, and neither do I.”

“Dreams of Reality” by Joey Mannarino is available online worldwide beginning spring of 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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