Friday, May 3, 2013

Savanna Rock-a-Hell releases new single 'The Vibrator Song'

Lady rocker Savanna Rock-a-Hell has released her newest official single track, “The Vibrator Song” on the Savvy Rock Records label. The song is a tongue-in-cheek rock 'n' roll tribute to a certain piece of machinery that is usually housed in a boudoir, rather than in a tool chest. Savanna's theme is bawdy, her lyrics are explicit, and by no means will the song be used in a feature film by Disney – though a video short will be available on YouTube for viewing also.

Still, Savanna Rock-a-Hell's newest offering isn't all phallus humor. “The Vibrator Song” is also a legitimate work of rock music in the classic, bluesy style of the late seventies, extremely reminiscent of the band Heart. Savanna sings very much like Ann Wilson, and her guitars, like Nancy Wilson's, are melodic and played way down in a deep groove – so to speak.

The song also features plenty of lighthearted surprises that would be a shame to publish here. Suffice it to say that before the listener is convinced that this is a straightforward rock track, “The Vibrator Song” turns on. A little later and it turns up, building on a rhythm the listener can't help but roll with, humming along there and building up steam, and achieving finally the dependable, predictable crescendo for which it was originally inspired.

Asked to comment on the message “The Vibrator Song” may have for her audience, Savanna Rock-a-Hell astonishes again by quoting the Victorian English writer, Oscar Wilde.

"Be yourself…everyone else is already taken.”

But she also adds that the real point is not just about individuality, but rather, entertaining one's self.

“Have fun,” she writes, “and don't take life too seriously.”

A blend of good humor and true rock 'n' roll music, Savanna Rock-a-Hell's new single is the art of a free spirit hooked up to an amplifier and a microphone.

“The Vibrator Song” by Savanna Rock-a-Hell is available online worldwide beginning spring of 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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