Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Spandrels release new EP 'Limerence'

The eclectic, country-flavored punk band from North Carolina, The Spandrels, have released their newest EP, titled “Limerence,” on the Umbrella Tree Records music label. The EP contains five original (very original) tracks for approximately 12 minutes of consistently surprising, intellectually amusing music. It is melodic and full of harmony, infinitely colorful, delightfully obnoxious, irreverent, staggeringly well orchestrated, and absolutely, positively charming.

The sheer audacity of The Spandrels in concocting a work so individual, so unlike anything available to the audiophile of today, is inspirational. Like experiencing the Velvet Underground for the first time, it must be purposefully listened to before it can be heard. Few listeners will sit down to Track One of “Limerence” and immediately say, “It's gorgeous!” This is because the Spandrels have a beauty that transcends immediate impressions – yet neither are they an acquired taste. “Limerence” is undeniably fun, sweet without being saccharine, and maintains a joyful, inner violence like the slam-dancing of children.

From the “Limerence” liner notes: “It is our sincere belief that, upon hearing it, you will agree that this release represents the absolute apex of human achievement, a triumph of the human spirit and personal ingenuity that may never be eclipsed ever, for as long as humanity continues its solemn march onward into the ever-encroaching fires of oblivion.”

This current of wit and good humor runs deep and strong throughout the powerful, evocative little record. It is music for the thinking person, though entirely unpretentious and unafraid to make fun of itself. It ends, in fact, with a slide-whistle.

The Spandrels' inclusion of unlikely instruments is one of their more wonderful traits. “Limerence” credits more than ten musicians for having had a hand in its recording. These artists play piano, violin, cello, viola, organ, in addition to more orthodox instruments. The sound is complete, rich, luxuriously round and full. Upon completing the EP, the listener is almost certain to start it over again. Following this, it may be played yet a third time with the same whimsical pleasure.

One thing is certain, however: every listener will clamor for a debut LP record from The Spandrels. The short duration of “Limerence” is a happy tragedy.

“Limerence” by The Spandrels is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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