Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bancroft Middle School Music Class of 2013 releases single 'Fix You'

The newly famous music class at Hollywood, CA's Bancroft Middle School have released their official debut single, “Fix You,” to widespread critical acclaim. The single is a cover of Coldplay's original track by the same name, and has been released on the Hitman Records, Inc. music label. With studio production aid from Hitman Records and additional support from the non-profit organization, Youth Vision, Inc., “Fix You” by the Bancroft MS Music Class has been released worldwide to showcase the endlessly remarkable talents of Ms. Sophia Lee's 2013 class.

The staggering amount of skill exhibited by this young Los Angeles crew must be heard to be grasped. The amount of focus and concentration that goes into a studio recording is immense. Many adult artists must work for days to record an appropriate take for a song, even if they have performed it live hundreds of times. The achievement of Bancroft's adolescent geniuses, therefore, is titanic in scale.

Their vocals soar and trill with the vibrato of classically trained opera sopranos. Each of the performers on this rendition of “Fix You” is an accomplished musician in his or her own right. Though many of their techniques are surely owed to the masterful and passionate instruction of Ms. Lee, many of their greatest moments seem to come natural to them. “Fix You” by the Bancroft Middle School Music Class of 2013 is a towering, glorious example of ingenuity, education, and the human desire to create a beautiful thing.

Members of the class cite various artists as main musical influences.

Sixth grader Noah Maple's favorite musician is Chris Brown. Gabriela Rodriguez insists upon “ Battle Scars” by Lupe Fiasco, while Natalia Nunez listens to One Republic's single, “Come Home.” Both are also in the sixth grade with classmate Emily Flores, who prefers “Heart Attack” by Demi Lovato. Seventh grader Briana Saenz names “Stay” by Rihanna as her personal favorite.

Bancroft's music class found fame when Best Buy and popular TV program “The X Factor” teamed up to lend support in 2012. Best Buy refurbished the school's dilapidated music room and provided state-of-the-art equipment that included an entire recording studio like those used in professional industry. The students performed “Fix You” onstage for “The X Factor” not long after, to much praise and admiration (video link below).

Other successful artists who graduated from the school include Brandy, Jermaine Jackson, and Mila Kunis.

Though the aid of Best Buy and “The X Factor” was badly needed and extremely helpful, California schools remain in dire financial circumstances, and the lauded music program at Bancroft MS remains in need of community support. Ms. Lee, like all CA public-school teachers, will still find herself spending her own salary on classroom materials. A percentage of proceeds from the online sales of “Fix You” will directly help finance next year's music program at Bancroft.

“Fix You” by the Bancroft Middle School Music Class of 2013 is available online worldwide.

-Sean McCauley
Sr. Staff Writer

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