Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dillan B releases new LP 'Northern Gritty'

The rapper from the United Kingdom known as Dillan B has released his debut LP record, titled, “Northern Gritty.” The album has been released on the Grimescale Productions music label. It is comprised of 10 original tracks for a total running time of 31 minutes. Originally slated as a demo collection for Dillan B (often stylized Dillan.B) “Northern Gritty” has instead been launched as Grimescale Productions' flagship first release. With brutally brilliant writing, explosive performances and a raw, old-school studio tone, “Northern Gritty” is slated to be one of this year's most important rap albums from Europe or abroad.

Dillan B's rap is street poetry with the intellect of a university professor. His edge is keen, his rhymes flawless, his lines flowing with the impeccable rhythm of a disco-era bass player. The beats of “Northern Gritty” sound as if recorded on analog using the old beat boxes, such as the legendary 808s and 909s of yesteryear. The combination of Dillan and these unstoppable beats is a seamless, ruthless, pounding blend of lay-back groove and in-your-face oratory that makes Jay-Z look like Britney Spears by comparison. Still, the meanings that underlie Dillan's lyrics are perhaps the record's greatest achievement.

Dillan B writes about themes that his label, Grimescale Prods. also has at heart. True to Grimescale's name, their official website declares that it, “deals with topics and issues surrounding the grit and grime of modern day society: society beneath all the glitz and glam of the pop world – the tension lurking within the UK underground, that same tension which drives the frustration and angst amongst the lower working class.”

Dillan himself says of “Northern Gritty” that its message is one of “The day to day struggle of working class people.”

With some of the best rap writing and performances ever recorded, “Northern Gritty” is certain to garner a rabid fan base for Dillan B in an extremely short amount of time. Considering the principles and philosophies of Grimescale Prods., it is unlikely that fame and fortune will negatively affect the natural, warm tone of their future releases, but that doesn't mean music fans shouldn't get in on Dillan B's music early. This record is top notch.

“Northern Gritty” by Dillan.B is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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