Tuesday, June 11, 2013

JamBee releases new self-titled EP record, 'JamBee'

The European musical duo known as JamBee have released their new, self-titled EP record, “JamBee,” to universal critical and fan acclaim. The album is comprised of six original tracks for an approximate total of 25 minutes' worth of playing time. It is categorized as rock music, but boasts many of the most excellent qualities of independent pop and alternative music, also. A standout success in the late spring quarter of 2013, “JamBee” represents JamBee's most significant release to date and is certain to put this popular Swedish group on the map for good, worldwide.

The sound of “JamBee” is difficult to compare with other artists, as theirs is a unique sound with a gorgeous flavor all its own. Singing and instrumentation are both fantastic, with tenor vocals somewhat reminiscent of Freddy Mercury, and songwriting that recalls less raucous material by The Kinks, such as“Mr. Pleasant.” JamBee themselves state that their music is a blend of classic rock influences with elements of Mexican folk music, indie pop, and acoustic bossa nova.

JamBee writes that members Antonio Plasencia and David Jakobsson “enjoy experimenting with new recording techniques and developing their sound.” They name as main artistic influences the likes of U2,The Smiths, Pulp, Band of Horses, Placebo, Pearl Jam, The Kinks, Depeche Mode, Metric, Foo Fighters, James, Interpol, David Bowie, Calexico, and Los Panchos. Attributes of each of these legendary groups can be heard in “JamBee,” some of them more than others.

The beginning of JamBee is in Mexico proper, from which locale Plasencia began writing his material. Upon arriving in Scandinavia, he immediately advertised a need for band members at the local record store. This call was summarily answered by Jakobsson. The twain have served as the heart and soul of JamBee ever since, weathering a steady stream of other musicians who have performed with them through the years. They are currently based in South Sweden's Malmö/Lund region, and often perform at clubs, festivals, and for local music competitions. They have a legion of fans in Europe, as well as in the Americas.

-Sean McCauley
MondoTunes Sr. Staff Writer

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