Monday, June 3, 2013

Nitro Flows releases new single 'Mama'

The reggae artist known as Nitro Flows has released his new single, titled, “Mama.” The single is only the most recent in a growing number of Nitro Flows tracks, and is the most exciting release from the artist to date. It has been published on the Flow Nation Entertainment music label. A musician of the reggae fusion sub-genre, Nitro Flows is one of the United States' most promising artists of the sound that is native to the Caribbean islands. Like the rest of his music, “Mama” is an upbeat, positive, lively song with a good heart and much rhythm in its soul. Nitro Flows' voice is rich, warm, and uniquely genuine, and “Mama” is a track that no true reggae fan should go without hearing.

Speaking of being born in America of Jamaican blood and culture, Nitro Flows says, “As a youngster, I grew up listening to nothing but reggae and dancehall music. I was drawn to the music and the message that it consisted of, which was the struggle and everyday livelihood in Jamaica.” It is this worldly perspective that informs Nitro's songwriting. “I love my heritage,” he says. “It has taught me so much, Jah know!”

His writing in “Mama” is selflessly respectful, uplifting, and full of love and compassion. It is a dedication and an honor to mothers everywhere, but particularly to his own.

This single shares a message of appreciation for my mother and all that she’s done,” writes Nitro Flows. “It also resonates that same appreciation to all the mothers out there who’ve made, and continue to make, sacrifices everyday for their children, and who try to secure a future for those children.”

Though the song has important feelings and ideas to communicate, still it is an anthem of happy thanks and of joy. Nitro Flows says that it is the mothers of the world who make such happiness possible.

He writes of this, “In a life full of obstacles, trials, and tribulations, it is the mothers who make an apartment, a room, a basement or a house – a home. Give thanks for Mama!”

Mama” by Nitro Flows is available online worldwide beginning spring of 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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