Friday, June 7, 2013

Singer Ashley Scott releases new single 'Steal It Away'

The singer from Jacksonville, FL, known as Ashley Scott has released his newest single, titled, “Steal It Away,” to resounding applause. The track is a romantic pop ballad with all the best attributes of R 'n' B and contemporary soul. It is the most significant and spellbinding release from Scott to date, and promises to solidify his status as one of America's most talented and promising entertainers.

Scott's single has cool, brisk tones and a mellow groove, overlaid with his own trilling, precise vocals. Scott's singing style lies somewhere between Brian McKnight, Usher, and Stevie Wonder, but adding also his own gorgeous yet masculine delivery. The song is consistently impressive in writing and performance, and fits nicely between tracks by artists such as Gladys Knight and Al Green. The themes of the song are accessible and sure to speak to a broad audience.

Of this, Scott writes, “My single 'Steal It Away' is very universal. Everyone has, at one point in their life, experienced falling in love or wanting to. It’s one of those songs that just grabs you and takes you to a place where you were most happy with your relationship, or in the beginning stages of getting to know someone and wondering or imagining what could be.” Though the themes may be universal, they are also personal to Scott. “I write about my own experiences whether trivial, tragic or simply happy. My music is the story of my life,” he says.

That Ashley Scott is now coming into his own as a musical performer and recording artist is unsurprising. He has been making music for most of his life.

“From a very young age,” he says, “music has always been an escape for me. I started singing in the church choir, but have transitioned myself into the pop and R 'n' B genre of singing … In 2012, I was approached by 2 producers (JOS2PROD) from France to write my first new single, 'Steal It Away.'
I believe that I have the potential, and I strive to be one of the biggest artists of all time.”

The music speaks for itself, and it speaks loudly.

“Steal It Away” by Ashley Scott is available online everywhere beginning spring 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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