Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Norwegian band Marbleous releases new single 'Superior'

The masters of mellow music known as Marbleous have released their
newest single, titled, 'Superior,' to rave reviews. The single has
been released concurrently with its official music video, which was
produced by Sedendu Film in collaboration with Marbleous, themselves.

  Marbleous has a sound that is inspired by synth music of the 80s and
early 90s. Their music has melancholy tones that come from its wintry
Nordic roots, balanced against lighthearted, carefree threads running
throughout which are more French in origin. This more upbeat timbre
comes from their main artistic influences, which include such seminal
legends as Air, Phoenix, Vangelis, Dinosaur Jr., and Daft Punk.

 The themes of the single involve looking up to someone who inspires
one to be a better person. The official music video symbolizes this in
the form of a luminous being, who glows warmly and moves through the
forest and cityscapes touching objects and causing them to shine. The
protagonist, played by Marbleous front man Erling Hoveid, follows this
being throughout the song, their eventual meeting forming the
culmination of their relationship, which turns out to be cosmic in

 Directed by Sveinung Gjessing, produced by Erling Hoveid, and with
photography, editing and effects by Håkon Lundvall, the video
wonderfully showcases not only the vast musical talents of Marbleous,
but also their copious skills in film and cinematic arts. In addition
to his work with Marbleous, Hoveid is also a director of
documentaries, with credits that include the film, “This Is Karma,”
which has been featured as a staff pick on, and purchased by
Norway's national broadcasting company, NRK.

 In addition to their film training, Marbleous also boasts drummer
Ricardo del Pozo, a Norway National School of Arts graduate who works
with sound installations and video projection. Their live performances
are slated to include del Pozo's visual art, as well.

 Marbleous has recieved a lot of positive attention since their
recent inception, having been played on NRK P3 Urørt National
Norwegian Radio, as well as by popular DJ Rune Lindbæk. Marbleous has
also supplied the theme song for the successful Internet fashion
program, “Stilsikker” og VGTV.

 “Superior” by Marbleous is available online worldwide beginning late
spring, 2013.

  The single “Superior” is released via Marbleous Recordings and
distributed globally by MondoTunes ( [1]) It is

available at iTunes for convenient purchase and download


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