Monday, June 3, 2013

Richard Redding releases newest work 'American Abstraction'

The musician known as Richard Redding has released his latest and greatest work to date, titled, “American Abstraction.” The title track is intelligent, groovy, and full of the style and panache that Redding has come to be known for. The material has been published on the Satellite One music label, and an official music video has been made available online. With an excellent, rolling beat, funky guitar lead and the spotlighted vocals of Redding himself, “American Abstraction” is poised to introduce Redding to the world as one of the modern era's most genuine and outspoken songwriters.

Redding's fans already know the importance his lyrics are to the enjoyment of his music, and “American Abstraction” is a fantastic example of this lyrical prowess. He is unabashed, unafraid, and absolutely unstoppable. “American...” tackles such hot-button US topics as the education system, gay rights, teen pregnancy, religious freedom, taxation, the electoral college and much more.

Redding lists as main artistic influences such legends as Snoop Dogg (Lion), Jay – Z, and the Swedish House Mafia. He began his musical career by playing drums and percussion at school.

When asked about the message “American Abstraction” has to deliver to his audiences, Redding says in his typically poetic way, “The great golden melting pot that is America has gone electric. The once veneered conservative walls have peeled back enough to let the true sunshine that is love and diversity throw light on topics that may make some wiggle and others giggle!”

Richard Redding is a Grammy-Nominated singer-songwriter with multiple Internet Top-10 and No. 1 singles. He is sometimes considered the originator of the G-Funk genre. He is a former radio DJ who has performed on countless live stages, and who continues to bring entertainment to the multitudes of his adoring fans.

“American Abstraction” is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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