Monday, June 3, 2013

Matty Underwood releases debut LP 'I Don't Need the Light'

The singer-songwriter known as Matty Underwood has released his long-awaited, full-length LP, titled, “I Don't Need the Light.” It is comprised of 12 new and original tracks from the artist, including three alternate versions of the record's top singles. The album has been released on the Whisper Yell Entertainment, LLC music label. Most notably, “I Don't Need the Light” prominently boasts Underwood's hit single and title track of the same name, which was pre-released in late January of 2013. An album that packs an immediate and arresting punch, his debut full-length album proves that it isn't just the emotional, sonic plunge and roaring, soaring triumph that his fans have anticipated, but also a colorful, multifaceted record as fit for the dance floor as it is for personal listening.

The sound of “I Don't Need the Light” is ambient and classy, sculpted with passionate highs and pensive lows. Its orchestration is partly live and partly digital. It is largely driven by piano and percussion, though the album's most sparkling attribute is Underwood, himself, whose vocals are easily as strong and stunning as those of Phil Collins or David Guetta. The result is reminiscent of Depeche Mode's best moments, with smatterings of Sting and Coldplay. A deeply personal record, Underwood's “I Don't Need the Light” is surprisingly populated with lighthearted, carefree moments, and the album's overtones are largely optimistic. It is a record with a great deal of heart, an endless supply of soul to match, and miles upon miles of groove.

Matty Underwood names as main artistic influences the likes of Coldplay, Filter, Maroon 5, U2, The Fray, Alex Clare, and Jukebox the Ghost. Elements of these artists abound in both his songwriting and performances, but Underwood's music has a sound all its own.

Writing himself of the record, Underwood says, “The 'I Don’t Need the Light' LP is a collection of situations, or of vicarious situations and experiences. Some songs are introspective or reflective, others anticipatory, and some are accusatory.”

Newcomers to the Matty Underwood sound are encouraged to see and hear the official “I Don't Need the Light” video, easily found online, for a striking example of his unmatchable verve.

The LP, “I Don't Need the Light,” by Matty Underwood, is available online worldwide in spring of 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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