Tuesday, June 18, 2013

BitChiller releases debut EP 'Infection'

Electronica composer BitChiller (often stylized as bitCHiller) has released the new EP record album titled “Infection” to a music world poised for its apocalyptic underpinnings. The record is comprised of six original tracks, for a total of 28 minutes of playing time. The album's style can be categorized as dubstep, electronica, or dance and DJ. The eclectic and brilliant album immerses listeners in an alternative reality where possible futures play out in heavy bass, spectral piano, and synthesized beats.

With dark, ambient moments weaved within structured rhythms, BitChiller's professed artistic influences – Bassnectar, Glitch Mob, Xenith, DeadMau5, Portishead, Zero 7, and Thievery Corporation – fuse in a sound that is excitingly eerie while also extremely danceable. The album begins with the title song “Infection,” which BitChiller said was “inspired by zombie movies, especially those that portray the bleakness and chaos of a post-human world.” In it, a young woman tells the listener, “And you're gonna be next,” thus causing the album to resonate with a current, cultural theme: our end is near.

Because BitChiller mixed well-placed live instrumentation with sounds produced using both Maschine and Logic Pro, “Infection” floods the ears with an auditory sensation meant to be experienced – loudly. The song-writer's interests in jazz improvisation and blues, as well as a background in classical piano, come across in the build-up of multiple layers of sound interspersed with pensive space. As the album closes, the listener is told, “There is no escape,” and it is sincerely so since the music's addicting quality causes every fan to press play and hear the album just one more time.

The album's ominous mood and intermittently fast-paced groove, though, allow BitChiller fans an end in which they will revel, and this is intentional. BitChiller deliberately created a piece of art that will give us all “something to bop our heads to while the world burns.”

“Infection” by BitChiller is available for purchase beginning late spring/early summer, 2013.

-L. Leeser

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