Monday, June 24, 2013

Irish rocker Saltwater Head releases new album 'Springs'

The alternative rock artist known as Saltwater Head has released his debut LP record album, titled, “Springs.” The album is comprised of nine original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 30 minutes. Using only live takes in order to keep the genuine, raw feel of a three-piece rock band, “Springs” was recorded at Bluebird Studios in Straffan, Ireland over a span of three days. In addition to the singing, guitar work and songwriting artistry of Saltwater Head bandleader Sean Flaherty, “Springs” also includes the talents of Julien Douve on bass guitar, Craig Quentin Mc Cann on drums, and backing vocalist Laura Dowling. An alternative album with a classic rock heart and a punk-rock soul, “Springs” is pure music with nothing to obscure the excellent songwriting and straightforward performances of its instrumentalists.

The sound of “Springs” is often reminiscent of the clean-channel heyday of the early '90s, when alternative bands not on the grunge bandwagon, such as Blind Melon and the Gin Blossoms, stood their ground against heavier acts like Soundgarden and Alice in Chains. “Springs” has a healthy dose of The Ramones too, however, and Saltwater Head singles like “Needs” come beautifully close to music by Dead Milkmen and the Undertones.

No better introduction to the work of Saltwater Head than “Springs” could be possible. Open, unabashed, and free from pretenses, it embodies the artistic principles of Flaherty and his instrumentalists. Having been asked to describe the message his record might have in store for listeners, Saltwater Head downplays any such motives.

“[These are] feel good, positive tunes presented in a direct, and sincere manner,” Flaherty writes. “Here's a well-constructed song that will be concise and honest. Enjoy the music and have a smile.” Happy to deflect any complications that might confuse the matter, he breaks his musical goals down even further. “Basically –“ he says, “'Here’s some good songwriting, enjoy it and have a nice day / life. All the best for you.'”

“Springs” by Saltwater Head is available online worldwide beginning early summer of 2013.

-Sean McCauley
Sr. Staff Writer

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