Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Storung releases new single 'Attraction'

The titans of industrial and dark wave music known as Storung have released their newest single, titled, “Attraction.” The song is composed and performed in the same powerful, driving noir style that has characterized Storung since their inception in 1981, and is an excellent example of how they have stayed relevant and evocative throughout their storied career.

At the heart of “Attraction,” just as at the core of Storung, itself, is mastermind songwriter and instrumentalist Eugenius Otte. This latest (and in some ways, greatest) release from Storung is somewhat more intimately personal to Eugenius than some of Storung's music in the past.

“I created this track ,‘Attraction,’ at a time when I was heavily attracted to a lady,” writes Storung's Eugenius. “I mean really attracted, completely over the top. I urgently needed to beat my brain to get some therapy and to regain some control over myself. That is the reason for creating the track.”

The music is not, however, a serenade, nor does it sound like romance. Rather, it is the essence of wild passion boiled down to a thick, potent audio experience. Its drums are like the irascible, relentless pistons of a gigantic machine, its guitars like a set of charging waves that wash over and around the listener in floods of sonic heat. Eugenius' real-life attraction inspired it all, including an official music video.

That’s why you hear this pulsing, bombing beat,” he explains, “and see a rather annoying video as some sort of shout out. The amount of energy you are exposed to when listening and viewing the track is generated from a real, personal experience. May it be with you prior to losing your head!”

Listeners can lose their heads over “Attraction” by Storung beginning late spring / early summer of 2013 when it goes online worldwide.

-Sean McCauley
Sr. Staff Writer

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