Monday, June 24, 2013

Nehemiah 4:20 releases new LP 'A Piece of Wood'

The band of bards for Christ known as Nehemiah 4:20 have released their latest LP album, “A Piece of Wood.” The album is comprised of 12 tracks of stunning bluegrass music with a southern gospel theme, faithfully acoustic and traditionally performed with neither pretense nor frills. With songs penned by Terry Hutson, James Tarrance, Don Preston, and Willodean Cox Allen, “A Piece of Wood” is not only a work of inspiration, but also one of the modern day's most legitimate and remarkable albums of original bluegrass music, making it a must-listen record for music fans regardless of their personal spirituality. Nehemiah 4:20 are standing members of both the Arizona Bluegrass Association and the Desert Bluegrass Association in the United States.

The sound of “A Piece of Wood” is bluegrass in the truest sense of the term, utilizing guitars for their instrumentation. With classic harmonies and gorgeous, flawless performances on the part of all members, Nehemiah 4:20 have a tone that evokes celestial images and the heel-kicking greatness of American roots music at once. Fans of bluegrass gospel bands such as Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, IIIrd Tyme Out, and The Isaacs will be enthusiastically pleased with “A Piece of Wood,” likewise.

The name of Nehemiah 4:20 comes from the Bible verse which states, “Wherever you hear the sound of the trumpet, join us there. Our God will fight for us!” The Biblical context of the verse regards the steadfast courage and faith of the Israelites during the harrowing rebuild of the walls of Jerusalem, who took heart in the sound of that musical instrument as a representation of God's aid in their cause. The trumpet remains an important Judao-Christian symbol.

Regarding Nehemiah's themes on their latest record, they write, “Nehemiah 4:20 believes that a part of their musical mission is to bring joy and laughter to the hearts and faces of those who listen to their music. Nehemiah 4:20 believes that laughter is an emotional response that helps prepare the soul for a journey of joy towards the Kingdom of God. Certainly God is indeed the Creator of mirth and laughter! Remember that everyone smiles in the same language. A Christian mentor once said long ago when he was just a boy that 'if you don’t quit that smilin’, you’ll spill it all over your face!' There’s one thing about a smile: one size fits all. It has been said that laughter is a medicine, so come ’bust a smile’ with Nehemiah 4:20 and let the joy of God travel across the highway of your heart.”

“A Piece of Wood” by Nehemiah 4:20 is available online worldwide beginning early summer 2013.

-Sean McCauley
Sr. Staff Writer

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