Sunday, June 16, 2013

R.D. Peoples releases new EP 'Meta'

The artist of electronica music known as R.D. Peoples has released his latest EP record, titled, “Meta,” to the delight of EDM fans everywhere. The record is comprised of five original tracks for an approximate total playing time of 30 minutes, making for a fairly comprehensive introduction to this talented, up-and-coming digital composer. It has been released on the Good Noodles music label, the creation of which was publicly announced in April of this year and is owned and operated by Peoples, himself. The tracks on “Meta” are wholly electronic, colorful, whirling and pounding, with tempos that range from 87 to 175 BPMs. With energy and adrenaline enough for all the digital underground to live and breathe in, “Meta” is poised to solidify R.D. Peoples as one of the modern day's most exciting new artists.

R.D. Peoples' vibrant personality echoes in the reverberating beats of “Meta.” Its sound pulses with the spirit and undertones of R.D. Peoples' main artistic influences, such as DJ Dara, Dieselboy, Klute, Grooverider, DJ Rap, and Laidback Luke. Peoples' most famed works include the “Long Live Everything” LP, which crosses genres and subgenres frequently, and his dubstep release project, ”The Boogie of Babydoll,” which mix was inspired in its entirety by the video-game-styled movie, “Sucker Punch,” and named for the film's main character.

A renowned participant in the cosplay and video gaming communities, four of the five tracks on Peoples' new EP are titled after popular games such as “Resident Evil” and “Fable.” While his popularity is quickly gaining ground in the US, his solid reputation soars in China, Japan, and the United Kingdom. He has opened for such artists as Skrillex, Hopsin, Macklemore, Reid Speed, Tech N9ne,and Borgore.

I began DJ-ing in my bedroom,” writes Peoples of his musical history. “We would throw small parties and spin on belt-driven turntables. I was heavy into the electronic scene. I always wanted to produce EDM, though.”

Concerning the themes of “Meta,” he explains that “It is simply to convey my love for EDM; especially drum 'n’ bass. I hope it makes people want to dance, of course, but I really hope the emotion I tried to carry through each track [is perceived]. I want people to open up to themselves, enjoy the experience, and not be afraid to feel something different.”

R.D. Peoples, who is also sometimes known as Raiden Integra, is a man of many (surprisingly varied) talents. In addition to his well-known and admired work in EDM, cosplay and gaming, he is also a model, gymnast, voice actor, and practitioner of Tae Kwon Do and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He often works with community charities. The bulk of his studies are in astrophysics. Currently residing in Beverly Hills, he is native to Los Angeles and has lived in New Mexico and Florida. In addition to English, he also speaks Spanish and Chinese.

Meta” by R.D. Peoples is available online everywhere beginning late spring / early summer of 2013.

-Sean McCauley
Sr. Staff Writer

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