Tuesday, June 11, 2013

UK rocker Benjamin Teacher releases new LP 'MindsEye'

The singer-songwriter from East London, UK, known as Benjamin Teacher has released his newest LP record, titled, “MindsEye.” The album represents the most recent and capital release from Teacher to date, and serves as an excellent introduction to this remarkable European musician. “MindsEye” falls into the pop rock category, and exhibits also many of the best qualities of classic rock. An immediate sensation, “MindsEye” is sure to win a place on the shelves and hard drives of audiophiles worldwide in short order.

The variety of Teacher's songwriting is exemplified by the collection on “MindsEye.” He is capable of hard, driving rock ballads and songs played deep in the groove equally. He names as main artistic influences U2, R.E.M., and Coldplay. His tracks are catchy, poppy, and often very full sounding. It is easy to imagine them played by an entire orchestra, much like the works of Queen and Yes. In fact, Benjamin Teacher's music has had the attention of Yes artist, Billy Sherwood, for some time.

Of Teacher, Sherwood writes, “Benjamin’s passion and commitment to his music along with his guitar playing are second to none. He’s got great technique, a wonderful sense of melody and solid structure in all his work. He is a true inspiration to all musicians.”

An autodidact at guitar, keyboard, bass guitar and percussion since youth, Benjamin Teacher's following on the World-Wide Web is emphatic, enormous, and far flung. Subscribers to his YouTube channel alone stretch into the many thousands, and his every post garners scores of comments overnight. Lady Gaga personally chose Teacher to be featured in Google Chrome's “Edge of Glory” advertisement. It clocked over 12 million YouTube views at release and was played on television channels around the globe.

Teacher writes candidly of the themes of his record, explaining, “Like love, there is something on this album for everyone, just as there is somebody out there for everyone. The album, like life, is full of the emotions we feel everyday: hope, optimism, love, passion, determination, and honesty, but with the beauty of the stars that surround us all. The album's general theme is cosmic, taking a look at our individual faith, but recognizing the honest facts of our own interpretation of life. The music shines with the light of your imagination.”

MindsEye” by Benjamin Teacher is available online everywhere beginning late spring 2013.

-Sean McCauley
MondoTunes Sr. Staff Writer

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