Sunday, June 16, 2013

Gary Greenfield releases debut LP 'In My Strange World'

Singer-songwriter from Ireland Gary Greenfield has released his new LP record album, “In My Strange World,” to clamoring critical acclaim. The record is comprised of 11 original tracks for a total of 40 minutes' playing time. Its style can be categorized as piano rock, classic rock, or traditional pop, though more ambiguous terms like 'alternative' and 'indie' also apply. The record is characterized by exceptional songwriting of the rarest, catchiest quality, a warmhearted good humor, and an earnestness which will appeal to the broadest portion of audiophiles worldwide.

The sound of “In My Strange World” reverberates with the best attributes of Greenfield's artistic influences. He cites as personal favorites such legends of songwriting and performance as Billy Joel, The Beatles, and Neil Diamond, and exhibits the tonalities of them all with uncanny accuracy. In addition, his new record recalls at different times the eclectic tastes and temperaments of Elton John, David Bowie, and Elvis Costello, as well as the mellower moments of The Kinks. His own razor-sharp writing talents shine brilliantly in clever chord progressions and witty lyrics alike, evidenced in such phrases as, “Space Girl, you're the path of least resistance,” and, “I love your perfect skin / I love the makeup that it's coated in / I love the beauty that shines through.”

In My Strange World” is heartfelt yet irreverent, personal without being melodramatic, and entirely enjoyable from beginning to end. Its frank, no-frills production helps to showcase this remarkable performer as if he were playing on a tiny stage at an intimate Las Vegas bar for an loyal crowd of fans in the know. Jamie Funk of popular indie music review blog,, writes, “What I loved about this album is the absolute absence of any pretension on any of the tracks. It’s obvious that Greenfield doesn't take himself too seriously and simply loves making music.”

Gary Greenfield has been writing and playing his own bizarre brand of music for over 30 years. His debut album, “Mr. Romantic,” was released in 2003, and is still excellent and available online. The official video for “In My Strange World's” closing single, “Oh No,” absolutely must be seen at the music fan's earliest convenience (link provided below).

In My Strange World” by Gary Greenfield is available online worldwide beginning late spring / early summer of 2013.

-Sean McCauley
Sr. Staff Writer

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