Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Benjie Loveless releases new LP 'Bastards Bitch'

Rocker Benjie Loveless has released his new LP record album, “Bastards Bitch.” The album is comprised of 14 original tracks for a total of 26 minutes of playing time. It is categorized as rock music and has been released by the artist entirely independent of support from the music industry. “Bastards Bitch” is a shockingly creative, stunningly colorful record, and clearly one of this year's most important releases in any musical category. It serves also as an arresting introduction to this unsung rocker from Baltimore, who comes to the public with this towering artistic accomplishment like a bolt of lightning out of left field.

The sound of “Bastards Bitch” changes from song to song like the work of the Velvet Underground, who were capable of music-box gentility and burning fireballs of noise on the same record. Also like the Velvet Underground, a subtle punk-rock sensibility underlies each track. Benjie Loveless himself sings like a cross between Nick Cave and Roy Orbison with a touch of Johnny Cash. The exquisite quality of his songwriting is staggering, and consistently so from beginning to end.

Loveless names as artistic influences a great ream of legendary artists, but the ones who seem to have lent the most to “Bastards Bitch” are underground heroes Tom Waits, Guided by Voices, and Pixies. The album also shares the versatility of Ween, and the poetry and sonorousness of Leonard Cohen. It is a mature record, one that comes with an ocean of passion and an equal amount of intellect. These attributes are perhaps surpassed only by the artist's vast, sweeping musical capacities and flawless taste.

Incredible though it may seem upon hearing the record, Loveless alone is responsible for it – all of it – from his impeccable writing to his perfect performance, from the ingeniously raw production to the delightfully simple engineering. It is literally a musical representation of the man.

Regarding the message of his new record, Loveless writes that it communicates, “a vicarious cathartic release for lovelorn minds squirming with anxiety and distress. Hope can exist," he says, "among chaos in the smallest and darkest places. Reckoning and pain are necessary for growth."

"Bastards Bitch" by Benjie Loveless is available online worldwide beginning late spring 2013.

-Sean McCauley
Sr. Staff Writer

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