Thursday, June 6, 2013

JoyFocus releases new single 'No Good Alone'

Pop rock duo JoyFocus has released their newest single, “No Good Alone,” to widespread critical and fan acclaim. The track follows hot on the heels of their popular recent release, “Love Song Cliché,” making “No Good Alone” the second in a series of songs to be released by the band over the next year. This parade of hits by the Wheaton, IL band will culminate in a full-length LP title called ”Semi Retro Multi Soul Rebellion,” the date of which has not been announced.

In true JoyFocus style, “No Good Alone” is a well-written, feel-good track about feel-bad life experiences, this one romantic in nature. While its themes revolve around the pining for a lost love, its sound is upbeat, catchy, and unstoppably fun, proving once again that JoyFocus is a powerful couple of musicians. Not unlike the songwriting of punk rock favorites the Ramones, JoyFocus stays loyal to their own exuberant, consistent formula and style and somehow avoids sounding predictable. They are a warm, familiar place to go home to when the music fan wants music for a bright summer day, a shot in the arm, a sonic friend who's had too much coffee and wants to drive around the city with the windows down and the volume up.

Their sound is happy, yet aggressive, with much of the garage flavor many alternative rock bands of the 90s had. They populate their crescendos with breaks and stops that make the audience pogo in place, and enjoy the occasional breakdown for a bridge. “No Good Alone” is an excellent example of their sound, and a fine introduction to music fans not yet acquainted with these unsung heroes of indie rock.

Such newcomers will be late in the game (JF have three independent albums and seven featured singles on six different international releases since 2001) but as they have many more singles coming soon and a titanic LP release on the way, far better late than never!

“No Good Alone” is available online everywhere beginning late spring, 2013.

-S. McCauley
Sr. Staff Press Release Writer

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