Monday, June 24, 2013

Manuel De Peppe releases new single 'You'

The Italian rocker known as Manuel De Peppe has released his latest single, “You,” to critical and fan acclaim in both Europe and the United States, as well as worldwide. The instant hit single has been released with an accompanying music video. “You” is a De Peppe original, having been written, arranged, and produced by the singer-songwriter, himself. It is his most capital and publicized music since the famous, sold-out Bee Hive reunion tour of Italy in 2011, and his recent duet with Italian songbird Clara Serina. A rocking return to the soaring guitars and vocals of the mid-1980s with a modern edge, “You” is a song no rock fan should be without.

The sound of Manuel De Peppe's “You” is reminiscent of titans such as Jon Bon Jovi, Richard Marx, and the like, which will please De Peppe's enormous crowd of fans at home and abroad. This is not surprising, since De Peppe himself names as main artistic influences bands like Toto, Chicago, Journey, Richard Marx, and Survivor. Though the glam-metal scene has had to share the spotlight with subgenres like grunge, punk and alternative in the past, these legendary artists have steadily grown in popularity and reputation since the '80s, and De Peppe's “You” is slated to take its place among them as a rock classic.

Speaking of his style of music, De Peppe writes, “I think the music business today needs some songs like there were in the 80’s. I started my career as an actor and singer in the 80’s, and that influence is in my blood. That’s why when I produce, write and arrange music, you can hear it in my works.” De Peppe isn't all about reviving the traditional rock sound, though. He's also an artist of the moment on the cutting edge. “I always love to combine the 80’s sound with the sounds from today!” he says.

The single and music video, “You,” by Manuel De Peppe is available online around the world beginning early summer of 2013.

-Sean McCauley
Sr. Staff Writer

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