Wednesday, June 12, 2013

NYC rapper S.P.A.D.E releases new single 'Sunday Service'

The rapper from New York City called S.P.A.D.E has released his latest single, titled, “Sunday Service.” The track has been released globally on the eminent iGrindNYC Records music label. A heavy hitting street anthem of the hard working class, “Sunday Service” is S.P.A.D.E's most significant release since his hit single, “40 oz.,” which arrived on digital shelves worldwide in May of this year.

Help me get these demons off my back, and these angels in my bed,” spits S.P.A.D.E during the song's intro. He throws himself into the music like a devil of drum and bass shortly thereafter, and the track blows up with audio dynamite loud enough to shake the windows out of every car in Times Square.

Sunday Service” plays out to a thumping, driving back beat. Much more dramatic and bass-driven than “40 oz.,” it is grittier, with more aggression in S.P.A.D.E's delivery of his well penned rhymes and lines. In this “Sunday Service” has more in common with his debut mixtape, “I Hate S.P.A.D.E Volume 1,” which jackhammer release exploded him into the public view in early 2013.

Much like his mixtape, his single “40 oz.,” and every release music fans have seen from iGrindNYC Records to date, “Sunday Service” is an incredibly polished production with top notch efforts from every angle. S.P.A.D.E's performance is flawless – perhaps his best so far. The studio work is impeccable from recording and engineering to mixing and mastering. In fact, the pairing of S.P.A.D.E with iGrindNYC is one of the most fortunate matches for audiophiles in hip hop to date, as it is difficult to imagine a S.P.A.D.E release under any other label, they are so packed with so much punch.

In short, “Sunday Service” is some of S.P.A.D.E's best rapping, and some of the most remarkable music we've seen from the neighborhoods of Brooklyn in years. They should be proud; with S.P.A.D.E's “Sunday Service,” they are extremely well represented.

Sunday Service” by S.P.A.D.E is available online worldwide. Watch for his debut EP record also, due out soon.

-Sean McCauley
Sr. Staff Writer

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