Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Firebird releases new single, 'Beyond Doubt'

The rapper, singer, and songwriter known as Firebird has released his latest single, titled, “Beyond Doubt,” to the widespread applause and delight of fans everywhere. The single has been released in the tradition of SP records, bearing both “Keep It Rah” and a B-side, “I Know.” The sounds of these fine tracks are steeped in the musical subcultures of both reggae and rap, and represent an excellent introduction to this up-and-coming new musician.

Firebird, who performs his own all-original music, cites as main artistic influences the likes of James Brown, Al Green, and Bob Marley. Of this titanic trio, Bob Marley's imprint on Firebird's music is heard most clearly. One can feel this influence in the cadence of Firebird's rhythms, as well as in the themes of his songs, rhymes and lines.

Regarding the themes of “Beyond Doubt” in particular, Firebird writes, “By not giving up on yourself you can go beyond all forms of imagination! I also wanted [to communicate] the natural inspirations of my very soul to everyone, hoping that many will heal from my voice. I want to renew hope for all!”

This compassionate nature is at the core of Firebird's music and songwriting, and it is potently felt on “Beyond Doubt.”

“I also want to lift people from sorrows and sufferings,” he writes, “and spread my true essence with people that are a part of building a greater world! I hope that my music will give people an easy exit out of spiritual isolation!”

Firebird, whose warm, raw music is healthy to hear and fun to sing, says that he began his music career by “listening to the sounds of nature.”

May nature bless him for it, too. This newest release is his biggest and best to date.

“Beyond Doubt” is available online worldwide beginning late spring, early summer of 2013.

-Sean McCauley
Sr. Staff Writer

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