Friday, June 7, 2013

Rockabilly artist Jeremy Wayne releases debut self-titled LP

The rockabilly singer-songwriter known as Jeremy Wayne has released his debut self-titled LP, “Jeremy Wayne.” The album features Wayne himself with his characteristic croon and acoustic guitar work, both of which are in the country-western affected style of the best rockers of the 1950s. A round collection of Wayne originals, his full-length album supplies the underground rockabilly scene with a proper introduction to this sparkling example of why the roots of rock 'n' roll have never withered.

The sound of Jeremy Wayne's record is raw and unadorned by effects of any kind, in stark contrast to the obvious craftsmanship in his songwriting. Wayne's songs are impeccably wrought, each one a radio single, just like the legends used to make 'em. His vocals are inspired, yet unique, with heavy elements of Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison, though his delivery is often more lively and aggressive than music by either of these.

His modern edge shows in his apparent disinterest with straightforward, lazy guitar playing, choosing instead to bop up and down the neck with endless energy and verve. Wayne is easily capable of making a name for himself as either a lead vocalist or rhythm guitarist alone, but he does both jobs at once with copious skill and makes it sound easy for him to do, also.

Jeremy Wayne, originally from Oregon and now living and performing in Southern California, began playing piano at the age of five. By 14 he was a singer. Guitar came three years later.

“I started singing, playing guitar and writing music 20 years ago,” he writes, “but didn’t find my style until about 10 years ago. Many songs were thrown out. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered my true voice and formed my songs into what you hear today.”

Naming as main influences such disparate musicians as Queen, ELO, Erasure, Brian Setzer, and Billy Idol (among many other, more intuitive choices), Wayne has plans to invent an entirely new sound for the modern era.

“I would eventually like to find a keyboard player/midi-programmer to join up with to complete this project,” he confides. “I want to be the first to create 'technobilly.' Imagine my songs with an added twangy, heavy guitar with synthesized drums and bass!”

In the meantime, the public will have to content itself with this early, earnest, tremendous offering from one of the most genuine players of true, American rock 'n' roll performing today. May the gods of rock bless him for it.

“Jeremy Wayne” by Jeremy Wayne is available online everywhere beginning spring of 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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