Thursday, June 6, 2013

Venustribes releases new LP '7 Colours'

The eclectic music group from the United Kingdom known as Venustribes have released their latest LP record, titled, “7Colours,” to widespread applause. The record is the first official LP from Venustribes since their 2011 debut record, “Siddhartha,” and has been anxiously awaited by their loyal fan base since that time. Like their debut, “7 Colours” is an album that crosses many genres and makes use of elements found in disparate musical styles. It is a sonorous, mystical collection of songs that has intellectuality in its bones, compassion in its heart, and an endlessly adventurous curiosity in its soul. It is comprised of eight original tracks for a total of 33 minutes' playing time.

Venustribes' sound is difficult to describe, being an incomparable result of much musical alchemy. Upon hearing “7 Colours” (the title of which alludes to the rainbow of emotional colors), the astute music fan will note attributes of jazz, blues, and folk music, world music, electronica, psychedelic rock and even punk rock – a vague, profound sort of punk edge like what is found in music by Tom Waits and Nick Drake.

This unlikely mish-mash is remarkably accessible and gorgeous, mature without being overwrought, and tasteful without failing to surprise. Lyrics are ingenious and challenging, poetic and stylish. Vocals are positively spellbinding. The orchestration, instrumentation, and performances are all spotless and delicately balanced to a T. The record, in short, is a work of much brilliance and great artistic integrity.

At the core of Venustribes is founder Jose DeChamp, who lives in London and is the band's chief songwriter. DeChamp has been writing music since childhood, and cut his teeth playing in rock and jazz ensembles. He founded Venustribes in 1999. He has acted as Venustribes' primary creative force, as well as the producer of “7 Colours.” In addition to DeChamp's compositional clout, “7 Colours” features also the writing and performances of friend and collaborator, Willie Wilcek, who plays several instruments on the record.

7 Colours” by Venustribes is available online everywhere beginning spring of 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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