Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Only 1-Way releases new single 'They Don't Know'

The urban gospel music duo from Detroit, MI, known as Only 1-Way have released their flagship new single, titled, “They Don't Know.” It has been released on the Prince of Peace Music Group music label. It is the most prominent and significant official release from Only 1-Way since their seminal 2010 LP record album, “BreakThru.” The song has elements of hip hop, R 'n' B and rap, and is an excellent representation of Only 1-Way's best work to date. Boasting powerful, heavy-hitting back beats and carefully sculpted rhymes and lines, “They Don't Know” is one of the year's most spectacular contemporary gospel releases so far.

The new single is a pre- release to publicize the group's upcoming LP, “In God We Trust,” currently planned for publication in midsummer of 2013. Being gospel music, the emphasis of “They Don't Know” and the rest of Only 1-Way's repertoire in general is on their spiritual faith and beliefs. The song is uplifting and inspirational, and intended to bolster the personal crusade of music listeners at large.

Writing of the themes in “They Don't Know” firsthand, Only 1-Way writes, “This song goes back to this cliché, 'You can can't judge a book by its cover, and what you see or what people say about you, just may not be true, it's really all a facade. The whole moral of this song is, before you speak, make a judgment, or react about a person's situation, know all the facts.”

Only 1-Way are five-time nominees of the Detroit Music Awards, and two-time nominees of the Rhythm of Gospel Music Awards. Their 2011 track, “I Get It In,” was the Independent Gospel Awards' Song of the Year. “They Don't Know,” as well as their soon-to-be-released LP, “In God We Trust,” are certain to add yet more accolades to their growing number of accomplishments. Music fans are invited to get in early on the fresh sound from this stunning, urban gospel crew.

”They Don’t Know” by Only 1-Way is available online everywhere beginning late spring 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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