Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lion and Son O’ Lion release new live album 'Live in Johannesburg'

Legendary reggae artist from South Africa, Colbert Mukwevho, has released a new album with his family of genius musicians, titled, “The Lion and Son O’ Lion Live in Johannesburg: Colbert Mukwevho and P. Postman, Feat. Junior Mukwevho and the Family Band.” This gargantuan jewel of a reggae record is mammoth in many respects.

It contains 18 tracks of live reggae music played for a thrilling crowd, a crowd which consists of hundreds and hundreds of people who can be heard singing along at all moments of the album. The 18 tracks have a total of over 90 minutes' playing time, the entire show having been flawlessly performed, and perfectly recorded for posterity. The show was a celebration of the band's 24 years together, and a gigantic, staggering success. The LP “The Lion and Son O’ Lion Live in Johannesburg...” has been released on the Rudebwoy Entertainment music label for all to hear.

At the heart of the famous Mukwevho family of reggae musicians is Colbert “Harley” Mukwevho, who has been performing for nearly three decades. All of the music on “Lion and Son...” has been written by Harley and his sons, P. Postman and Junior Mukwevho, the latter of whom is only nine years old. The performances of these younger men shows that they, like their father, have all the rhythm and soul in the world. Junior's own lead in “One in a Million” is particularly spectacular, and the crowd roars their assent.

The rest of the Family Band, also, is made up of uncles and close family friends. The chemistry of Lion and Son O' Lion and the Family Band cannot be overstated. The combination is extremely powerful, some of the most genuine, authentic, traditional and excellent reggae music ever produced. Harley Mukwevho and family have been championed for their reggae music by the Jamaican High Commission, who asked for their participation in the 2012 documentary, “OnePeople,” which premiered in London, Toronto, New York, Miami and Kingston on August 6th of that year.

When asked to comment on this new live record, Harley Mukwevho writes, “This album tells a story of a family that is united because of music and uses this music to uplift people, entertain, inspire while showcasing their talents to the world.”

“Lion and Son O' Lion, Live in Johannesburg...” is as wonderful and majestic as the very best reggae, and belongs on the top shelf exactly side-by-side with the Marleys. Music fans should not miss this marvelous, miraculous record.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

The LP “Lion & Son O’ Lion Live in Johannesburg, Colbert Mukwevho, P Postman Ft Junior Mukwevho and the Family Band” is distributed globally by MondoTunes ( and is available at iTunes for convenient purchase and download

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