Friday, July 19, 2013

Anthony D. Harrison and Elroy Jackson release new single 'Freebird'

The singer known as Anthony D. Harrison has released his newest single, “Freebird,” to widespread standing ovation. It has been released on the Image Maker Records music label. A soulful, classy homage to the modern, independent woman, “Freebird” represents some of Harrison's best work to date and some of the best music from the cool jazz genre in years. It is cool, intimate, elegant, gentlemanly music with groove in its step and warmth in its tone. It is music to slow dance to, or for going cruising at night. It bears all the hallmarks of music written, performed, recorded and produced by expert veterans of the music industry, and shines through stereo speakers like audio gold.

Harrison is a native Californian from Oakland and a longtime professional musician. He is best known for his singing with popular music group, The Jades, and later with the powerfully vocal-driven supergroup, Heaven Sent. Harrison has performed as the opening act for such legends as the Chi-Lites, Natalie Cole, Ben E. King, The Dramatics, and more. Citing as his main artistic influence the miraculous Marvin Gaye, Harrison has been singing since 19.

The other half of “Freebird” is Harrison's producer, Elroy Jackson, often simply called “Thaproduca.” In addition to his talents as a music producer, Jackson is also a musician and vocalist in his own right. Hailing from the Forth Worth / Dallas area of Texas, he is owner and CEO of Blank Image Productions and Imagemaker Records. He cites as influences the likes of titans such as Ella Fitzerald, Luther Vandross, The Whispers, and Micheal Jackson.

Asked to discuss the themes and motivations behind “Freebird,” he writes, “This single was written for the women who, even though they are with a significant other, still have the freedom to be themselves.”

“Freebird” by Anthony D. Harrison is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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