Thursday, July 11, 2013

Devo Famlove releases first of twin singles 'I Goes N'

The young rapper from Charlotte, North Carolina called Devo Famlove has released the first of a pair of new singles on the Unanimous Music Group record label, “I Goes N.” The song has been released with an accompanying official music video. Approximately four minutes long, the track is a glorious work of old-school urban poetry spat with all the grace, ease and skill of the great legends of yesteryear.

At merely 21 years old, Devo Famlove proves with this new, titanic single that Unanimous has found themselves a musical genius, a wizard of words who is sure to usher in a new era of real, true, honest-to-God rap music that will raise the bar from the underground scene to the mainstream Top 40. “I Goes N” by Devo Famlove is the rap millions of music fans have been waiting for for a long, long time.

Famlove's lines are honest, naked, straightforward, and full of flawless flow. The slim, masterfully clean and streamlined production of his beats leave him plenty of space to move around in, and move he does. With linguistic agility and tact, Devo Famlove maneuvers his rap over, under, around, and through the groove like a verbal fighter pilot. He makes it look easy. He makes the legion of try-hard artists with their carefully practiced images look sadly ridiculous. Famlove's skill is innate, natural, and inspiring. The effect of “I Goes N” makes every head nod, every foot tap. It is infectious and unstoppable. The listener immediately wants to learn every lyric on the first play through, so he can sing along on the second.

Not possible. Famlove's way too good.

The video, produced by Kino Watson, is an excellent representation of this fine new artist. With no frills, no flash, no pomp, absolutely nothing to obstruct the sheer talent of Devo Famlove, the “I Goes N” video showcases Famlove in all his humanity. Wearing a tee-shirt and ballcap, he spits rhymes like a gunslinger of English, more chill than an arctic wind, throwing poetic punches like the Mohammed Ali of hip hop.

Rap fans, your day has come. Unanimous Music Group gives you Devo Famlove. His first single, “I Goes N,” is available online everywhere beginning July 2013. And don't miss the video.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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