Thursday, July 25, 2013

JaCee and the Jags release new LP record 'Risky Luv'

The musician and man of the world known simply as JaCee has released his new flagship LP record, “Risky Luv,” with his crew of creativity called the Jags. The album has been released on the Jacee Music Ltd. music label. With approximately 45 minutes' worth of excellent listening, “Risky Luv” by JaCee and the Jags makes for a comprehensive introduction to this eclectic musical mastermind from Massachusetts. It is standing proof that JaCee knows exactly how music should be done, and a stunning reminder that music done right just doesn't come around often enough, anymore.

The sheer talent showcased on “Risky Luv” is staggering. JaCee's style changes from track to track like Caribbean trade winds, proving him to be elastic in his tastes and capabilities to an almost schizophrenic level. Throughout the record, a consistent thread of absolute flawlessness and 60s-era cool connects one song to the other.

Otherwise, JaCee's songs can be as disparate as sea and sky. He recalls the verve-charged proto-punk rock of The Kinks, and variously the cigarette-and-three-button suit sound of Henry Mancini. He cha-chas into the Latin realms of bossa nova, and bass-lines his way down into deep, groovy funk (a la Bill Withers). He spends time in the gutter with a gritty, raw sound reminiscent of Nick Cave, and somehow visits '80s synth pop in between. Blues. Jazz. His incarnations are seemingly infinite. Most of the compositions on “Risky Luv” are originals, but some standards are also rendered in the Jags' own edgy fashion.

JaCee cites as main artistic influences Burt Bacharach and Hal David, Henry Mancini, The Beatles, The Kinks, and Frank Sinatra. He is joined on “Risky Luv” by his associated masters of musicianship, the Jags. Their ranks on his new LP include “The Inimitable” Paul Shoemaker playing keyboard and trumpet, “Smokin'” John Squibb providing tenor saxophone, and Fitzy the Fuzz-Electric Guitar.

“Risky Luv” by JaCee and the Jags is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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