Monday, July 8, 2013

Coola releases new single 'I'm Gucci'

The Brooklyn, NYC rapper known as Coola has released his latest and greatest single, titled, “I'm Gucci.” The long-awaited track has been released to widespread fanfare and critical acclaim on the Brook Brovaz Music Production record label, which has seen skyrocketing growth and popularity since its inception in April of 2011. Coola's “I'm Gucci” has vastly contributed to the success of Brook Brovaz even in the brief time since its official drop date, garnering more than 64,000 plays on the official BB website alone. “I'm Gucci” is the flagship single from Coola's upcoming EP release, “The Man Behind the Legend,” for which Coola fans are anxiously waiting worldwide.

The high production value of “I'm Gucci” cannot be overstated. Coola's lines, rhymes, and delivery are spot on and heavy hitting. His beats are deep, clean, and bear a touch of the old school, like many of the fine releases listeners have come to expect from Brook Brovaz artists. Though Coola himself is a young rapper, his talent belies a mature, experienced hip hop performer with class, taste, and remarkable ability. His urban poetry is clever and stylish, never crass, and spat with a rat-a-tat staccato that is easily capable of flying him to the top of his game and beyond.

Outside his obvious musical abilities, Coola is also a stand-up artist of great character, humble and unassuming in a genre packed with unnecessary, boring arrogance.

“[My upcoming] album represents a triumphant time in my life,” writes Coola candidly. “You know, my pain and glory.”

When asked to cite some main artistic influences, Coola replies with introspection.

“Jay-Z, NAS, B.B. King, Biggie, Tupac, Chuck Berry, Ray Charles and many more have influenced my passion, love and approach to music,” he replies. “The people in my neighborhood influence me by supporting my talent and standing behind me. My team Brook Brovaz influences me by giving me an opportunity to be heard by the world.”

He pauses here, and concludes by nodding to his blood. “My family, especially my grandparents, influenced me by always pushing me to be myself – no one else.”

Urban music fans all over the world can hear Coola be Coola (and no one else) when “I'm Gucci” hits digital shelves globally in July, 2013.

Be sure to visit the official Brook Brovaz website for even more booming tracks.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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