Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kris Jobson releases new single 'Say Yeah!'

The Kingston-born musician known as Kris Jobson has released his energetic new single, “Say Yeah!” The track is Jobson's most significant official release to date, and stands as an example of this young entertainer's endless talent and creativity. A groovy, upbeat song with rhythm in its soul and its heart on its sleeve, “Say Yeah!” is certain to put Kris Jobson on the charts for one and all to see, while his international legion of fans continue to clamor for more.

Kris Jobson's voice is strong and masculine, somewhat reminiscent of Jamaican '80s superhero, Eddie Grant. His tone contrasts well with the bright and sunny feel of his instrumentation, which is dance hall friendly and lends itself well to a vivacious, party atmosphere. Jobson's sound is cutting-edge and new, a blend of reggae, reggaeton, and alternative rock music which he has termed “island rock,” a suitable tag for his playful and fun style. Jobson names as main artistic influences the likes of Bob Marley, Seal, Third World, Prince, John Legend, and Sean Paul.

Kris Jobson is a born entertainer who has performed on TV, film, and stage, but who has only recently ventured into the recording arts as a solo artist. He has lived and played in a bevy of international hubs of culture, such as New York, Los Angeles, Milan, Rome, Berlin, Cologne, Paris, Zurich, and many more. In addition to English, he speaks Italian and French. This multinational enculturation has helped to sculpt the character with which Jobson infuses his music.

Speaking candidly of the themes of “Say Yeah!” Jobson writes, “[My] music is definitely a 'feel good’ type of music that has many world sounds in addition to reggae. At the base of my lyrics there is a message of hope and personal strength that encourages solidarity and clarity of purpose, and celebrates the power of an empowered sense of self and the power of choice.”

Jobson feels great optimism for the human spirit, both individually and socially. “Every moment is fertile with the possibility of achieving our potential greatness,” he continues, “but we have to first make that fundamental 'choice' to align our mind, thoughts and actions with that which we seek. That is my message.”

“Say Yeah!” by Kris Jobson is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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