Sunday, July 7, 2013

Jazz man Alan R. Secor releases singles 'Autumn Leaves' and 'I Thought About You'

The jazz harmonica player from Norfolk, Virginia known as Alan R. Secor has released two new official singles, “Autumn Leaves” and “I Thought About You” to widespread critical acclaim. The songs are jazz standards for which lyrics were penned by Johnny Mercer, and which have been famously recorded by such legends as Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, Edith Piaf, Nat King Cole, and Chet Baker. Having been arranged by Secor for solo harmonica, his “Autumn Leaves” and “I Thought About You” represent some of the most gorgeous, flawless examples of jazz harmonica available today.

Secor's playing is soulful and sonorous with remarkably palpable timbre in every phrase. His execution is flawless, yet his delivery is tasteful and true to the classic spirit of each piece. Fans of these particular songs will be delighted with the rare treatment given by Secor with his 12-hole chromatic harp for its ingenuity, playfulness, and clarity of tone. His heartfelt love and devotion to the music itself is obvious, and the listener quickly dissolves into Secor's notes leaving only the melodies to consider.

Alan R. Secor is a harmonica man from way back.

“My mother bought me a harmonica when I was a boy,” he writes, “but I don’t remember when. My stepfather was a Navy corpman and had a great love for music, and played and sang.”

Secor's experience with jazz goes through to the beginning, also, though his first ensemble played blues and R 'n' B. He writes of this, “I grew up listening to big band music. I started listening to rock and blues as a teenager. I wasn’t in a band 'til my late thirties. That was a blues and R 'n' B group called the Hurricanes. Even then I would listen to jazz, though, Miles Davis, etc.”

Playing jazz with other artists has been an on-and-off career for Secor. “I had a duo with a jazz guitarist named Scott Jenison,” he comments, “and another duo with an upright bass player. I have sat in with various local and regional musicians. I have played with local and regional musicians such as Russell Scarborough, Jon Greenberg, Ben Tanner, Charles Peterson, and Bernie Jacobs.”

He names as main artistic influences titans of the genre such as Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra, Toots Theilemans, Billie Holladay, Chet Baker, Ornette Coleman, and Johnny Hartman. He is currently composing two original pieces between spats of recording his own interpretations of standards. His videos on YouTube have been viewed by hundreds of music fans each, and his recent official release of “Autumn Leaves” and “I Thought About You” stand to garner him more well-deserved attention than ever before.

“Please note I have a full-time job,” says the artist, “but who knows what may happen.”

“Autumn Leaves” and “I Thought About You” by Alan R. Secor are available online worldwide beginning July 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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