Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Killkenna releases groundbreaking rock EP 'Killkenna'

The rock crew from Europe known as Killkenna has released their flagship, self-titled rock EP record, “Killkenna.” The long-awaited album is comprised of three power-packed singles, “Kissed by the Sun,” “Come Soon,” and “Fake Reality,” and began hitting digital shelves all over the world in June of this year. Full of all the audio adrenaline and guitar-driven punch that has kept rock 'n' roll the greatest genre of music of all time, Killkenna's EP proves that not only is the heart of rock 'n' roll still beating, but it's stronger than ever and making tearing, shredding music in Oslo, Norway.

Killkenna's record comes after six years of recording, lineup changes, and variations on the band name. At the heart of the group is songwriter Kenneth Mehlum, who has most recently partnered with fellow songsmith Candid Badge (born Christian Bøvra). YouTube and other Internet locations host scores of videos and songs from the complex sonic history of Killkenna, but the “Killkenna” EP represents the latest, greatest, and most current collection of their heavy-hitting rock sound.

Speaking of the themes of their music, one Killkenna representative writes, “The lyrics are based on stories and events from Kenna´s [Mehlum's] own life experiences. He has a lot of sketches, riffs and short stories he wants to create into songs and he has found a great creative partner in Candid Badge. They've written a lot of songs in only a few sessions.”

They speak personally of how and why they make rock 'n' roll. “Music has always been around for us,” they reply. “Some people are just happy to listen to it, but for us it is an obsession that can't be stopped. We want to convey to the listener that life can have its ups and downs, but you can always pick yourself up after a fall.

Killkenna is famous in their part of the world for electrifying live performances and a hard-rock sound that headbangers worldwide can slam to. With the “Killkenna” EP finally in broad circulation, listeners everywhere can hear what they've been missing since these European rockers made their debut in 2005.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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