Thursday, July 18, 2013

Wordless|Still releases new album 'Odyssey'

The Australian music artist known as Wordless|Still has released his latest full-length album, “Odyssey,” to widespread critical acclaim. The album is comprised of 11 new, original tracks for a total running time of just over 50 minutes. The LP stretches across several musical categories, including the ambient and experimental subgenres of digital music, but is perhaps best described as neo-classical or indie-classical music. As a work of stunning audio art, “Odyssey” is an album to which one does not merely listen, but which one experiences, lives in, and ultimately comes to realize in one's own, intimate way.

Each of Wordless|Still's compositions on “Odyssey” is a multicolored, multidimensional vignette. One track is a rainforest. Another is a safari. One is a low flight over leagues and leagues of rolling, sprawling ocean of the deepest blue. Naturally, these are merely the images one might envision. Every trip (or 'journey' is perhaps more apropos) through the aptly named “Odyssey” is new, but each listen is manifest sublimity of the highest degree. To be clear: should one think of the most lovely, tranquil, and glorious scene one can imagine, one will fall sadly short of the placid serenity and gorgeousness of any track on Wordless|Still's record. In under ten seconds, even the short demos provided by can prove this claim beyond doubt to even the most cynical music listener.

Wordless|Still cites as main artistic influences the likes of Aphex Twin, Gentleforce, Helios, Hammock, Loscil, Sigur Ros, and United Pursuit Iris. When asked about the message his album might communicate to his listeners, he is precise in explaining.

“This album is saying that peace can be found no matter where you are,” writes Wordless|Still. “It's also saying that finding real and true peace requires a journey. It comes from my journey.”

Wordless|Still is alluding to his very near-death experience, an auto accident which left him brain-bruised and comatose. He woke without the ability to speak any word but 'yeah.' After years of speech therapy, for which treatment he openly waxes thankful in abundance, he has been reborn to himself in several ways.

“I almost died,” he says, “but there's a reason I'm still here. My life has been adjusted. The spirit and person of Christ is who I always go to for peace. He's given me patience, peace, love and joy over my years of recovery. Many parts of my life were restored and even more new elements were birthed in the last big odyssey I've been walking out. It has birthed Wordless|Still.”

“Odyssey” can be enjoyed by anyone with a fondness for any genre of music at all. It is unilaterally wonderful. It speaks every language. It is sonic evidence that Wordless|Still is not speechless – rather, he inspires speechlessness.

“Odyssey” by Wordless|Still is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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