Monday, July 8, 2013

NativeKid releases new EP 'HopeFul'

The Jersey mixologist known as NativeKid has released his new EP collection of songs, “HopeFul.” The record is comprised of seven new, original instrumental tracks for a total playing time of approximately 16 minutes. Each song is digitally composed and centered around laid-back beats and clever, chill melody lines. NativeKid's selections on his “HopeFul” EP are tastefully short, also, unlike many records in the EDM genre which sport eight-minute tracks that neither deviate from nor build on their first few loops. This helps make the album not only fun and full of groove, but also a wonderful survey of NativeKid's early and excellent material.

Composed on an mpd32, NativeKid's sound hearkens to the old-school days when DJs mixed beats from vinyl records. It is mostly soul with elements of hip hop, not unlike the work of Japan's Towa Tei, or the non-Gwen mixes from Moby. His instrumentation is light and spacious, his beats basic and decorated with well-timed stops. Each melody sounds live, rather than eternally looped, and graced with delicate touches that make each track a mellow cruise suitable for midnight dance floors, long drives, or daily listens on earbuds. In short, “HopeFul” is hopefully just a prelude to an upcoming LP release from NativeKid, because 'short' is the only issue music fans are likely to have with it.

Hailing from New Jersey, NativeKid got tired of merely listening.

“Being a Bboy for years, I felt like the next step was to make music for myself,” he writes.

But to him, the album is much more than tunes.

“It gives listeners the hope to keep dreaming,” comments Kid. “Keep taking in your experiences and sharing them to the world. Never give up on what you believe in. Stay Hopeful. Dream.”

NativeKid cites as main artistic influences the music of Elaquent, Lapalux, Ta-ku, teebs, dutchmassive, esta, and evil needle.

The “HopeFul” EP from NativeKid is available online worldwide beginning summer of 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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