Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cat Chinn releases new single 'Bullet'

The singer-songwriter from the UK known as Cat Chinn has released her newest single, titled, “Bullet.” The track has been released on the Stellify Records music label. “Bullet” by Cat Chinn has been released with a high-impact music video and is available online everywhere beginning July 2013.

Cat Chinn's sound on “Bullet” is passionate, rocking and groovy. Her singing is strong and clear, reminiscent of singers such as Joni Mitchell and Grace Slick. Her guitar work is natural, flowing, and gilt with the flicks and stops born of '70s pop and rock music. Chinn is joined also by a remarkable band who infuses her songs with undeniable power. Her accompanying instrumentalists are described in her official bio as being “some of the most musically talented individuals she has known, each one adding a unique layer of sound and thus creating her band.”

The drums on “Bullet” are driving and precise, the electric guitars roaring with the intensity of groups like Interpol and Muse in the screaming, post-2000 sound. The bass on “Bullet” is particularly prominent, active and aggressive, with a healthy dose of disco-era funk, lending to “Bullet” a mobility that is unlikely and excellent to hear in straightforward rock music.

Chinn names as main artistic influences the likes of The Smiths, Kate Bush, Athlete, Keane, and Joni Mitchell. Her sound is grounded in her early experience with an acoustic guitar, with which she composed and performed for most of her artistic life. Her timbre developed its present tone after she “plugged in” and went electric in 2012. She has been writing original music since eight years old. Her current themes are naturally much more mature since that time, however, “Bullet” being no exception.

“'Bullet' reflects on lost love,” Chinn writes candidly, “and the realisation that love shouldn’t be given up on so easily.”

As a headlining act, Cat Chinn has been selling out venues such as the O2 Academy in her hometown of Birmingham, suggesting that time to catch her before she goes global is running out. “Bullet” by Cat Chinn is an excellent place to start.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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