Friday, July 5, 2013

E-Life 7 releases new LP 'Miked Up'

The jazz crew from western New York known as E-Life 7 has released their new LP record, “Miked Up (Featuring Michael Pennick)” to widespread standing ovation. The album is comprised of 14 tracks for an approximate total of one hour's playing time. It has been released on the Three 2 Go Music record label. A showcase of some of today's most talented, experienced and admired musicians, “Miked Up” represents some of the best modern jazz recorded in years and an excellent debut record for E-Life 7's star performer on this release, bassist Michael Pennick.

As a set arranged specifically to allow Pennick room to flex his bass-playing muscles, EL7's “Miked Up” is a classy compilation full of funky, poppy, bass-driven tunes played deep in the groove. There are rhythm and blues tinges and disco flairs on “Miked Up” that make it a soulful, gorgeous record that is excellent for dancing and equally great for casual listening. True audiophiles will appreciate the sheer expertise present, as well as the variety and complexity of the individual arrangements. Mike Pennick (for whom the LP is named) blazes through the record with grace and ease, never playing too busy, never too far out front, making his walks up and down the guitar neck seem as natural to him as breathing.

Also shining brilliantly on “Miked Up” are local legends Rodney Spears, Charlie Crymes, Jr., Walter Kemp III and Van Taylor (keys), Ron Walker (guitar), Tim Webb (drums and percussion), Ken Whitman (tenor sax), Joey Diggs, and Dee Osbourne (vocals). Each player's performance is a thing of great beauty, art and skill, magnificently laudable, perfect in pitch, timing, and taste. In short, EL7 make fantastic jazz seem like the easiest thing in the world.

EL7 (short for “Enjoy Life 7 days a week”) is a project created by Ron Walker and Mike Pennick, long-standing and well respected members of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame as R 'n' B recording artists for The Exoutics. E-Life 7 wishes to acknowledge the musical and spiritual influence of past and present members of The Exoutics (also available online).

“Miked Up Feat. Michael Pennick” is available online everywhere.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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