Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blues rocker Randy Scott releases new LP 'Out of the Blue'

The guitarist and songwriter of blues rock known as Randy Scott has released his debut LP record album, “Out of the Blue,” to widespread standing ovation from critics and fans alike. The album is comprised of 13 tracks for a total playing time of approximately 50 minutes. A blistering, howling collection, “Out of the Blue” has already garnered the praise and commendations of blues fans worldwide and is likely to set Scott beside the very best blues men of all time. Legions of Scott's listeners have already begun clamoring for more.

The sound of “Out of the Blue” is rooted in the classic Detroit blues sound, and tempered with the equally, yet newer classic sound of the very best rock music from the late '70s and '80s. Scott himself names as main artistic influences the likes of Robben Ford (L.A. Express), Albert Collins and Freddie King, showing himself to be not only a man of great taste in songwriting, but also a finely tuned ear as a connoisseur. Music fans not yet familiar with the Randy Scott sound are encouraged to find his “Tommy's Tune” online, the closing track on his new record, and to give it a listen. Even the short demos available from and elsewhere are more than enough to showcase his flawless technique and endlessly cool delivery.

Scott's “Out of the Blue” is not merely a debut album, but also a triumphant return. Having begun his musical journey at 11 years old, Scott moved to Los Angeles to take his guitaring seriously, where he attended LA's Guitar Institute. Years later, bruised and frustrated by the corporate music industry at large, Scott sold all of his guitars and stopped playing, stopped dead.

“When I stopped playing music,” says Scott, “all I knew was that I wanted to get far, far away from it. I cut my hair, worked for a computer company and turned all my radio stations to AM talk radio. I felt that the music world had let me down, so I wanted to distance myself from it.”

Almost a full decade later, Scott wandered into a Guitar Center and noodled around with one of the axes for sale there. A sales associate suggested he enter their blues competition. Randy Scott entered and, competing with thousands of other top-notch players, became Guitar Center’s 4th Annual King of the Blues. He has since been signed to an episodic reality show called “Chasing the Dream,” which will begin airing on cable TV's MAVTV network on the fifth of April. Scott was named 2012's Best Upcoming Artist by the popular blues authority,

Scott is joined on “Out of the Blue” by Gary Novak, Travis Carlton (the Robben Ford band), and Jeff Babko (the Larry Carlton band).

“Out of the Blue” by Randy Scott is available online worldwide.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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