Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rapper Justus releases single 'Unstoppable'

The Cleveland rapper known as Justus has released her new flagship single, “Unstoppable,” to exclamatory widespread acclaim. The single and its corresponding official music video, which feature Leo the CEO, have been released on the FNOMovement Records music label (Failure Not an Option). A modern rap track with an old-school heart and an intellectual soul, Justus' “Unstoppable” is clearly one of the most impressive, explosive and funky hip-hop songs of this year.

Justus has been rapping for decades and is hitting her stride with her partnership with FNO. Her beats on “Unstoppable” are reminiscent of the awesome old 808s and 909s, and matched with jazzy brass instruments such as US3 used to be famous for. She names as main artistic influences the likes of legends such as Da Brat, Busta Rhymes, Earth Wind & Fire, Bone Thugs 'n' Harmony, MC Lyte, Marvin Gaye, and KRS One, a collage of different styles that shows where Justus gets her flawless taste and penchant for deep groove.

Her rhymes are spat with razor-sharp precision and endless flow, carefully penned and bearing meaningful, socially conscientious lyrics. Like the work of KRS One, No part of Justus' music is shallow. Even her online bio is an effort at educating the masses in her own way.

“What can I say,” she casually quips, “this is a messed-up place, where babies is havin' babies cause they cute in the face, thick in the waist...”

In addition to her views on life in urban America, Justus is an advocate of literacy. She goes on to say in her bio, “Listen, pick up a book, 'cause readin' is fundamental, better off than a crook.”

That Justus' music shows compassion, perspective, and a sense of responsibility to one's community is intuitive. Tragically, she has lost three brothers, two in a fire and one to drug-related violence brought on by abject poverty.

When asked about the messages her new single might have for her audience, Justus writes, “To make sure you're being true to yourself. I’m bringing creativity and substance back to rap and hip hop. Create your own rules and stay in your own lane. It's okay to be different.”

As a female rapper, she also has a bone to pick on a feminist level. “I want my listeners to know that I’m a true emcee, and not just a female emcee,” she writes.

Music fans everywhere can discover for themselves just how true this is, right now. “Unstoppable” by Justus is available online worldwide. Don't miss the official video, either, also available online.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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