Thursday, July 11, 2013

Indie rock band The Black Market Club releases flagship EP 'Faults & Fractures'

The indie rock crew known as The Black Market Club have released their groundbreaking, powerhouse EP record, “Faults & Fractures.” The extended-play release is comprised of 7 new, original titles for a total running time of approximately 30 minutes, making for a comprehensive debut record that suffices very well for a round and profound introduction to one of San Antonio's most exciting bands from the underground rock scene today. The sheer, tremendous vigor of The Black Market Club's freshman EP is astonishing, its tones intelligently violent, its themes palpably, viciously human.

The sound of “Faults & Fractures” is anchored to the progressive, youthful tones of the post-hardcore (not to say emotional hardcore) movement of the late nineties and early 2000s. The Black Market Club themselves fit very well in a list of bands they name as main artistic influences, such as Circa Survive, Thrice, Bon Iver, and Explosions in the Sky. They punctuate their songs with hardcore-style breakdowns and a just a touch of heartfelt screaming from the soul. Their drums often have jazz-inspired rhythms and time signatures that mainstream rock would never allow, making for a level of complexity that the Black Market guitarists are more than capable of challenging. Their instrumental tone is epic, towering, passionate, and somehow masculine and beautiful at the same time.

Adding a face and character to narrate this gorgeous noise is singer and front man Blake Cook. Cook's voice has a tremulous quality that is fantastically like Richie Birkenhead of Into Another. He is by all means able to show off, but tactfully does not do so because there is no need. The timbre of his whispery, Chet Baker-ish style is perfectly suited to the patient pummeling kind of hard rock his band plays behind him. His moments of falsetto and surprisingly precise trills are balanced by bursts of aggression that bespeak a staggering inner strength that he keeps reined in, pent-up inside until his band mates bring the crescendo. Then Cook roars. The Black Market Club comes down all together like the calamitous thunder of a great stone rain, like the falling of the Tower of Babylon.

Together with Cook, the members of The Black Market Club boast an extensive background in music, 8-10 years apiece, which is made all the more remarkable by the fact that the Club is made of fairly young gentlemen. Additionally, their present line-up was just completed this time last year, making this mix a brand-new chemistry with a blindingly bright future indeed.

“Faults & Fractures” by The Black Market Club is available online worldwide beginning July 2013.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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