Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lars Alexander releases new EP 'Like an Animal'

The Norwegian composer of electronic dance music known as Lars Alexander has released his new flagship EP record, titled, “Like an Animal.” The record is comprised of six new, original tracks for a total playing time of approximately 21 minutes. A record of stand-up, standout verve and groove, “Like an Animal” is proof that Lars Alexander deserves a place among the best EDM artists working in the underground house music scene today.

“Like an Animal” is Alexander's most recent official release since his “Star Walking” EP, which appeared in May of this year on the heels of the “My Melodic Trance” EP, which hit digital shelves in January. This string of releases makes Alexander one of EDM's most prolific writers of the year so far. Still, the most impressive part about his music is that he is able to write and produce his albums with an unerring ear for striking power and beauty that maintains a consistent gorgeousness throughout the series. His beats are positive, active, and energetic, perfect for the nightclub and the dance floor, but also excellent casual listening for headphones around town.

Alexander is relatively new to his career as a musician, having retired at a young age from a wildly successful dancing career. He has been the Norwegian Dancing Champion six times, and has represented Norway in ballroom dancing competitions around the world for many years. Along with his wife, he has been dancing professionally on the popular television program, “Dancing With the Stars” for five years running.

Commenting on his change, Alexander writes, “After I stopped my competitive dancing career I had the time to start making music again, and I love it. Just like in dancing, I love how you have to be creative and passionate when making music. This is my fourth release, third EP, and I hope I can continue to develop and make music for many years to come!”

With nothing stopping him and a growing legion of fans, Lars Alexander is likely to produce many more records in the future, and they will very likely exhibit the same high quality as “Like an Animal.”

“Like an Animal” by Lars Alexander is available online everywhere.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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