Friday, July 19, 2013

John Hart and the LittleJohn Band release self-titled LP

The all-star band known as John Hart and the LittleJohn Band have released their new flagship full-length album, “John Hart and the LittleJohn Band.” It has been released on the Wholenessisus, Inc. music label. Comprised of 12 original songs for a total playing time of just over one hour, the record is a comprehensive LittleJohn Band experience that serves as an excellent introduction to some of the most talented, creative, and expert musicians ever gathered into a studio. With heavy doses of funk, R 'n' B, and jazz tied together with an undercurrent of rock 'n' roll, “John Hart and the LittleJohn Band” is an instant classic that will be remembered as a momentous release in the coming decades.

The sound of John Hart and the LittleJohn Band's new album has something for everyone. It gets hot, it gets mellow, it's got soulful moments and moments of aggression. It soothes and grooves and rolls and thumps and hops and jumps. Their brass section hits like a thunderbolt, thrilling the music lover straight through. Their classy vocals are sweet and way low-down. Their unstoppable, relentless bass guitar jumps right out of the album – some of the most solid bass leading ever recorded – absolutely perfect and sublime. Their guitar work is serious, powered by tones and chord progressions full of the hardest rock sound from the 60s and 70s. Their percussion is more precise than an atomic clock. The consistent flawlessness is uncanny.

The question of how John Hart was able to assemble so many experts is salient. The music world is (still) changing and old-school, legitimate musicianship is no longer standard. Nevertheless, the LittleJohn Band is a crew of musicians from many legendary music groups. Variously, LittleJohn members have performed with Journey, Tower of Power, The Doobie Brothers, Cold Blood, Yellowjackets, Huey Lewis & the News, The Grateful Dead, and Boz Scaggs. The complete roster is much longer and even more impressive.

In an industry overpopulated by auto-tuned singers and synthetic instrumentation, the LittleJohn crew's artistic integrity and expertise are pristine. Their songs have soul coursing through them like electricity in a hot wire. In a very real and amazing way, John Hart and the LittleJohn Band are the Glenn Miller Orchestra of funk, and they're happening right now – right now – right before our eyes. Get in early.

“John Hart and the LittleJohn Band” by the artists of the same name is available online worldwide.
-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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