Friday, July 5, 2013

Richard Lobb releases new LP record 'The Hospital for Broken Things'

The unsung hero of songwriting known as Richard Lobb has released his new LP record, “The Hospital for Broken Things,” on the Treehugger Records music label. The album is comprised of 10 original tracks for a total of 35 minutes' playing time. A remarkable album in every respect, Lobb's record is certain to captivate audiophiles from London to Tokyo and everywhere between, and serves as an excellent introduction to this brilliant and soulful music artist.

The sound of “The Hospital for Broken Things” immediately recalls the most creative and playful songs from The Beatles with attributes of Simon and Garfunkel, and bears tonal embellishments entirely unique to Lobb, himself. It shares many characteristics of folk music, but belongs mainly to the traditional pop genre. Lobb's lyrics are clever, funny, socially conscientious and lighthearted, often all at once. His subtly poetic lines intertwine and interact with his music much like colorful illustrations help to narrate a children's story.

Upon being asked about the message his record shares to his fans, Lobb writes candidly, “That the world is a pretty magical, wondrous, place and we’re really f@%kin’ lucky to be here. That we and this little planet we live on are tiny, beautiful and delicate and need love and respect. That we don’t need to rely on other people or external situations to make us happy.”

That these endearing principles guided the writing of “The Hospital of Broken Things” is entirely clear. The music actually sounds like compassion and mindfulness in action, communicating these simple philosophies in terms of timbre and tempo. His well written words are almost unnecessary. Lobb could have hummed the melodies, and his message would get across unconfused just as well.

Regarding the title of his LP, Lobb says, “There are a lot of 'broken things' around, which we can ignore, leave broken or get involved with, love, cherish, fix... I’m into the latter option.”

Lobb performed almost all of his record's instrumentation himself, which included a towel rail, frying pans, vases, glasses, and “lots of other broken stuff that sounded good.” He is joined on this record by Esther Dee and Bev Lee Harling (backing vocals), Mark Neary (pedal steel, double bass and saw) and Pete Saunders (piano). It includes collaborative writing from Simon Lynge (Greenland), Joe Cang (London), Angela Kaset (Nashville), Chris Coleman (Nashville), King-pan Ng (Hong Kong) and his wife.

Though still a secret treasure in most music circles, Lobb has enjoyed much professional success. His career has seen him playing guitar for Bono, as well as touring with the likes of Emmylou Harris, Kasabian, U2 and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. He has recorded four albums.

A stunning work of great beauty, Richard Lobb's “The Hospital for Broken Things” is not to be missed by any fan of wonderful music. It is available online everywhere.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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